Challenger Versymmetric Two Post Lift, Three Stage Arms CL10V3

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Challenger Lifts CL10V3 Versymmetric® Plus 2-post lift w/ Conventional Power Controls, directSPOT™offset 3-stage front & rear arms & single-point mechanical lock release.

Product Description

Challenger Versymmetric Two Post Lift, Three Stage Arms CL10V3

Service more vehicles and make more money with the Versymmetric® and Versymmetric® Plus CL10series 2 post lifts. Its exclusive Versymmetric® Technology provides the versatility to safely lift cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s symmetrically or asymmetrically within the same service bay, within rated capacity.

CL10 series comes standard with offset 3-stage front arms allowing them to be stowed in an asymmetric lifting position, rear of the front tires. Unlike many competitor lifts, when the vehicle is driven through, the front arms are capable of directSPOT™ to the vehicle’s lifting point without having to re-position the vehicle or shuffle back and forth to reach its recommended lift points.

Other standard features include double telescoping screw pads, Heavy-Duty pulley and cable equalization system, 48″ elongated carriage, rubber door guards, adjustable arm restraint shafts, single point mechanical lock release and padded overhead shut off.

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