Challenger Alignment Closed Front 4 Post Lift. AR4115XAX 15K

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Challenger Lifts AR4015EAX The 4015 series 4-post hydraulic auto lifts have a cable lifting design, operate on 208-230v single phase electrical power (optional 3-phase available), have a single point air actuated lock release that disengages all column locks simultaneously for maxi – 78″ rise height, the highest rise in the industry provides maximum head room for working underneath vehicles. – 14 level lock positions allows technician to work at an ergonomic working height to increase productivity and minimize fatigue. – Heavy-Duty front bearing and yoke assemblies distribute contact load to reduce column stress for longer product life.

Product Description

Challenger Alignment Closed Front Four Post Lift AR4015XAX

Alignment Rack models include a package of two 7,500 lb. rolling jacks, internal air line system for the dual rolling jacks, flush mount stainless steel turning radius gauges, rear slip plates, multi-position work-steps and automatic wheel stops.

• The highest rise in the industry provides more work space underneath vehicles
• Single point air actuated lock release disengages all column locks simultaneously
• 14 level locking positions for a variety of alignment and general service tasks
• Compatible with the industry’s latest camera imaging alignment systems
• Recessed stainless steel turning radius gauges provide accurate readings
• 80˝ rear recessed free floating slip plates offer a wider range of 4 wheel alignment capabilities
• Durable non-skid louvered approach ramps for positive vehicle traction and technician safety
• Fully gusseted base plate and top shroud reduces column deflection and is less sensitive to uneven floors
• Large 9-1/2” heavy-duty steel pulleys with Teflon® bearings, plated steel pins and 1/2” cable diameter reduces wear on cable suspension system

About the Manufacturer

It’s what sets Challenger Lifts apart from the rest of the car lifts industry. Innovation is at the heart of important technological advances like the revolutionary Versymmetric® automotive lifts, the industry’s first 3-stage front and rear arm 12,000lb 2 post lift (lift anything from a small sedan to a Heavy-Duty Truck!

Our comprehensive line of automotive lifts and car lift accessories are inspired solutions that create increased shop efficiency and enhanced revenue potential. We specialize in the design, manufacture and distribution of two post auto lifts, four post lifts,inground car lifts, mobile column lifts, short & mid-rise car lifts.

Challenger Lifts meet strict industry standards and bear the “Gold Label” of the ANSI Accredited ALI Certification Program. As an active board member of the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), we promote high quality product standards and safe design, construction and use of vehicle lifts. From design to manufacture, we take great pride in ensuring quality at every stage of production of our lifts.

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