Challenger 4 Post Extended Open Front Car Lift. 4115XFO 15K

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Challenger Lifts’ 4015series 15,000 lb. four post automotive lifts are the complete package for expanding your service offering and revenue potential. With the 4015series four post automotive lift, shops are able to service small passenger cars and medium-duty trucks, vans and fleet vehicles on one automotive lift.

Product Description

The 4015 series 4-post hydraulic auto lifts have a cable lifting design, operate on 208-230v single phase electrical power (optional 3-phase available), have a single point air actuated lock release that disengages all column locks simultaneously for maximum productivity and workflow. 4015series four post auto lifts boast the most working room underneath the runways with the highest rise in the industry at 78”, and the lowest profile runways in the auto lift business at 7”. With large 9 ½” steel pulleys with Teflon® bearings, ½” cable thickness, fully gusseted base plate and top shroud, offset wrapped column design and louvered approach ramps with anti-skid runway surfaces, the 4015series four post lift is built to lift and built to last.

The 4015series four post lift comes in several productivity configurations including open front general service flat deck auto lifts and closed front general service flat deck auto lifts and alignment rack vehicle lift packages that support today’s latest camera imaging alignment systems.


78″ rise height, the highest rise in the industry provides maximum head room for working underneath vehicles.
14 level lock positions allows technician to work at an ergonomic working height to increase productivity and minimize fatigue.
Heavy-Duty front bearing and yoke assemblies distribute contact load to reduce column stress for longer product life.
Fully gusseted base plate design reduces column deflection and makes lift less sensitive to uneven floors.
Single point air actuated lock release disengages all column locks simultaneously.
7″ runway height allows easy access for lower profile vehicles.


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