Ranger Heavy Duty Transmission Jack 1,100 lb RTJ-1100

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$395.00 $330.00

Compact, upright transmission jack with a maximum lift capacity of 1,100 lbs.

Product Description

Ranger Heavy Duty Transmission Jack 1,100 lb RTJ-1100

Built with the same heavy-duty materials as the larger models, the RTJ-1100 allows you to safely and easily remove, transfer and install transmissions, transaxles and other drive-train components weighing up to half a ton. The unit features a built-in safety overload valve for your protection and a foot operated pump for hands free operation. Small storage area? No problem! The 24-inch base makes this one of Ranger’s most space efficient designs. Compare Ranger transmission jacks with any other brand and you will see why we’re America’s favorite.

Foot operated pump
Hand control release valve
Alloy-plated single-stage ram
Heavy steel construction for maximum durability
Heavy-duty steel swivel casters
Heavy-duty chain anchors
Sealed hydraulics prevents contamination
Extra wide base with swivel casters
Built-in safety overload valve

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