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The Best in the Market Place for Wheel Service Equipment. The finest tire changers in the world. That is a fact, That’s not boasting! Corghi reputation carries the top name in the tire changer / wheel balancer industry. They are one of the world’s biggest producers of wheel service equipment, and they’ve been at it for over 50 years. The best features and service and no better quality.

Product Description


Incorporated tubeless tire inflation system

Mechanical balancing of tool-holder shaft
Manually translating swinging arm
Simultaneous positioning and locking of head by simply operating a single lever
Double acting bead breaker cylinder
“Square” self-centering chuck with rotation in 1 speed in both directions
Vertical column with incorporated air tank
Thermoformate carter for small objects at the base of the column
Includes filter-pressure reducer unit
Includes tire lever
Includes lube container

Corghi Equipment – An Italian success story. Corghi has been one of the world’s biggest producers of wheel servicing equipment for more than 50 years.The current product range includes automatic tire changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners, lifting equipment, technical testing lines, diagnostic instruments and miscellaneous equipment.Corghi is a leader in technological innovation, demonstrated once again by the recent success of the Artiglio Master tire changer, the world’s first truly superautomatic machine of its kind.With over 250 service centers, a full-time training center in Akron, Ohio, seven mobile training units, and over 60 trained field representatives throughout the U.S.

All Corghi Tire Changers include
Free Shipping
Warranty 2 year parts / 1 yr labor

Pricing Notice:

Due to constant changes in pricing, our website will no longer display the price of each product.

For details on pricing please call: 480-650-6306. We will be sure to match ANY price found online.