Buying Guide: Purchasing an Automotive Lift

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If you’re thinking of purchasing an automotive lift then you probably know that doing so isn’t something you can go into blind. Rushing into this type of purchase could end up in a number of disastrous ways where you lose money and time. An incorrect purchase without knowing could even result in serious injury to yourself or others. Thats why you should always make certain you’ve done you’re do diligence before buying anything. With proper research and preparation, you’ll never waste your time or money when purchasing an automotive lift.

Purchasing an Automotive Lift


When purchasing an automotive lift its important to decide what type of automotive lift you’ll be purchasing. Depending on what you’re going to be using the automotive lift for, there are a couple different types to choose. Generally, a two post lift  would usually satisfy some customers needs, however, a four post lift would could accommodate other types of vehicles as well. Whatever task you’ll need your lifts to be doing, theres a type of lift best suited for you. Other than establishing your lift type, another thing to consider is the garage in which the lift will be in. Make sure you measure your garage so the lift can fit and operate accordingly. Purchasing a lift that doesn’t fit not only wastes your time but also wastes your money. Make sure the concrete in the garage is suited for the installation of an automotive lift if necessary (Click here to watch How to Anchor Automotive Lifts). Lastly, you should make sure your garage has an appropriate power supply for the lift once installed.


Since automotive lifts are a rather expensive item, seeing a lift that is cut in price makes it very tempting to purchase. However, you have to be weary of off brand lifts being sold to you. These lifts are cheaply made and art ALI certified only meant for them to make money. You should always make sure you know who the actual manufacturer of your lift is and find the ALI certificate. That way you know you’re getting a quality product that will meet your expectations.


With good research, you’re easily able to tell what lifts you’re generally looking for while purchasing a lift. However, its not always easy to narrow down the search to the exact lift for your specifications. Taking note of the different features that the lifts contain, you’re able to compare the specific features of the lift. For example after thorough research you’re able to compare the lift columns (if they’re single piece or multiple piece steel), the thickness of cables, the maximum weight limit, its warranty on the lift as well as parts, its base plates, the companies reputation, and finally the lifts pricing. These are all things to consider while comparing automotive lifts, however, it should be noted that safety should not be sacrificed for price.


When making any important purchase, research is a lifesaver. Knowing more and more information about something allows you to weigh the pros and cons of each item in order to make a smart purchase. Doing your research includes a number of things such as reading product reviews. The more reviews you read the better scope you get of the product as a whole. Its also important to look at all types of reviews, good and bad. This will help provide you with a better understanding of where some things may have gone wrong or some up sides to their experience with the lift. While researching, its important to take note of prices, warranties, and the lifts features.

All in all, its clear to see that there are many different factors that go into purchasing an automotive lift. First you must figure out what type of lift you are going to need. The type of lift will vary depending on the myriad of different things you could be using your automotive lift for. Not only will the type of lift vary but having enough space in your garage for the lift is equally important. Make sure your concrete is strong enough to be able to support the lift if applicable. Once you know the type of lift you want, you’re able to compare specific lifts to suit your specifications. After making sure the lift your after is ALI certified, you’re able to make a smart purchase on your next automotive lift.

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